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Membership associations

With a dedicated legal advice line run for your association by LHS, your members or customers will always speak to a qualified solicitor or barrister when they call. That’s why we’re one of the UK’s leading providers, handling 275,000 calls a year.


LHS offers a comprehensive range of legal services for businesses and organisations of all sizes to help resolve many of the day-to-day legal issues your company may be facing.


If you’re an individual - or representing an individual - accused of a serious crime or regulatory breach, or you have a debt, insolvency or defamation issue, the LHS team is here to help.

About us

LHS works with individuals and with businesses and organisations of all sizes, catering to all their legal services needs. We’re also a market-leader in the provision of bespoke legal advice lines. Because we’re an alternative business structure for the provision of legal services (and not a traditional law firm), while we are regulated by the SRA, we’re part of a large business organisation. Abbey Protection Group Limited is our ‘corporate member’ (a bit like a parent company in normal corporate terms but not quite the same). Markel International Limited is the ultimate holding company for Abbey Protection Group Limited.

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